Oh... iPad Air...

12/07/2012 20:10

My iPad has been with me for four years now (it is still as awesome as ever).

Now, the problem with Apple is this. They always come up with a device so close to perfection that once you bought it, it will never be obsolete. Well, they may lose their lust as chic trend, but in almost all cases, they will still perform so well even after years of use.

Contradict that with Windows (I'm sure we are a victim of Windows in some way or another). A Laptop you buy now will take thirty seconds to boot up. Fast forward to a year later, it would normally take five minutes to do the same. And another year later, it would take at least 10 minutes.


Until today, my iPad is still powering up instantly within a tap on the power button. But this year, I really think that it is the right time for me to update my old iPad with the recently launched iPad. The major push has to be the new 64-bit processor.

The problem now is... I'm torn between the iPad mini or Air. Should I opt for the bigger display and splash out the additional bucks? Or the mini is sufficient?

Anyone can shed me some light?