About myself

Nobody would rap you if after going through the formal years of schooling, you might be reckoning that formal corporate job must be everyone's ideal job but I can tell you that it for sure is not for me. I used to picture that corporate was the only route that any person should undertake. I remember the instances when I was in the university and look at those folks in their business clothing, I thought they were cool. Subsequently after university or college, I was charged up about building my own professional career. 

It is now 2 year right after my college graduation and things are not exactly the same as they used to seem to me. What I once thought to be cool and fascinating proved to be horrendous. No, I am not failing. I in fact had gotten myself into among the many most acclaimed companies across the world and that is real, I could well reveal to you. However the 2 years I wasted there was nothing but fun and no matter how much I tried to enjoy my assignment, I simply could not do it until I ultimately believed I've had enough. 

I don't agree if you think that I made the decision due to impulse as I were left with the move strictly as a result of careful weighing and observation of my friends. I don't come across many of them to be in better position than myself. It's not so much with regards to the salary. As many of us were working in largely profitable organizations, we were well recognized in financial terms. 

My job at the office where I worked for was never ever insecure. Really, it turned out to be the office politics that resulted in my desire. I love to be just the way I am and could not stand it if I have to show a side that I am not. I hate it when I need to disagree for the purpose of disagreeing instead of to arrive at advancements. I attempted to think that my life if in case I need to endure such process for twenty or 30 years. Life is brief and too priceless. Now that I have given up the management and business world, I just picture myself not turning back for whatever reason. 

While not everybody had been lucky enough to do it, I was able to build up significant savings from my two years of corporate pursuit and that allowed me to chase my passion in life. Imagine how my life is today? (hint: I devote most of my time in the pantry) I may have to work longer hours with lesser compensation but I don't ever need to turn to my watch on a regular basis just to wait for the clock to strike past six. 

This weblog is part of my hobby and side activities. Nothing essential, nothing personal here. I'd be over the moon if you tell me that you really like my blog. However even if not, worry not and thanks for dropping by.